Sunday, December 11, 2016

Top 10 websites in Bangladesh by search traffic

Search traffic is a very important for blog or website. Google always prefer search traffic other than social media traffic or any others source traffic. Organic traffic is most valuable for site ranking e.g. first page of the search result. is the highest search traffic/visitors website in Bangladesh by Alexa ranking. Visitors are king of any website. No value without any visitor of the blog. Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is a big factor to increase search traffic for website or blog.

Generally, high quality 500+ words unique content with on-page
SEO will be more powerful ways to getting organic visitors from search engines, like Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL etc. Website traffic come from various sector like search engines, social media, email marketing, newsletter, web directory, blog, forum, related websites etc. but search engine traffic is more valuable for any website for Google PageRank and Alexa search ranking. Alexa is an actionable analytics for the websites in the world. Alexa does the work traffic rank is based on quarterly of past traffic data and page views.

Here are the list Top 10 websites or blog in Bangladesh by Alexa search traffic: Alexa search traffic 47.30%

Status of is given below (as on December 11, 2016):

Global Rank: 5

Rank in United States: 6

Rank in Bangladesh: 8

Alexa Traffic Statistics:

List of Top 50 websites by Alexa Global Rank:

1. google

2. youtube

3. Facebook

4. Baidu

5. Wikipedia

6. yahoo


8. Amazon







List of top 50 sites on the web by Alexa Global rank:

List of top Sites in Bangladesh by Alexa ranking:

List of top Sites in United States of America (USA) by Alexa ranking:

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